Bubblegum Pink and Watercolour Splash ~ Go Artsy !

    Some of us have always thought of fashion as art  and today women have become walking works of museum-worthy proportions, thanks to an emerging trend of — Watercolour Prints. Watercolour prints are inspired by art and they’re all about soft blurry edges with a deliberate mix of colours interplaying with one another in abstract patterns The fluid change of colour provides a soft and feminine, yet bold impact. Sometimes it looks like paint splatter and others it truly looks like a great marriage of cold and warm tones, making the fabric and the garment really interesting and beautiful.
    Interested in dabbing your fashion-forward foot into the art/fashion relationship?  Let me show a watercolour trend inspired outfit, I wore to an art exhibition in the city. I choose a fabulous Guess, mixed colour ombre dip dyed mini skirt styled with a solid bubble-gum pink colour shirt . I love playing up with colourful individual pieces from my wardrobe, so this summer I tried a different spin with this look.
Hook My Look
~  Bubble-gum Pink Shirt ~ AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS
~  Blue, pink and black Watercolour print skirt – GUESS
~  Multi colour matching earrings and neckpiece – FOREVER NEW
~ Mixed colour beads – ALDO
~ Pink, orange and gold sequin clutch – FOREVER NEW
~ Cobalt blue peep toe heels – ZARA
   One of favourite sets of matching accessories this summer is this multi-coloured earrings and statement neckpiece that I paired with this pink shirt, to make the plain toned shirt pop.
  To add a subtle hint of sparkle to my look, I carried this pretty sequin clutch along and wore the mixed colour beads too as my arm candy.
   Finishing off the look were these so in trend now, Cobalt Blue peep toe shoes from Zara.
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