Seeing Black and White – Go Monochrome!

  Get on board with the shades of black & white, Monochrome shades are back with a bang for spring/summer 2013! There is a resurgence of Monochrome as a strong, stylish and crucially, wearable trend for spring/summer 2013.
The look is modern, cool, and assertive – but never in your face and smacks of self-possession.
  Monochrome is one of the simplest, most chic of looks to work whatever the year and never fails to gain attention when done well. Bright whites tempered with inky blacks can be used to create a truly bold statement. The fact that you probably already have a few black and white items hanging in your wardrobe makes a monochromatic look possibly one of the easiest summer trends. Using black and white will help create an almost sculptured look, and definitely draw attention to you!
Today My Monochrome Outfit is : A very feminine white peplum top with lace and a dotted pencil black skirt and I accessorised it with a lace off-white belt and kept the jewellery elegant and chic with pearls. The shoes were also a metal tone of silver. I kept the overall look very simple, clean cut and sophisticated for a dinner date.
How to Wear It
1. For one, you could leave it completely unembellished, making the clothes and your inherent gracefulness do the talking. That’s the number one way to go; and that’s a route many women do take.


2 .If your neckline begs for ornamentation, choose a statement piece in, yes, black or white. Accessorizing with Gold, Silver, Platinum, Bronze or Copper is also very acceptable. They are all metal tones and accessories either made of either metal, or in a matching colour is applicable and can be used.


3.Shoes can be neutral like a nude or silver or black, white, or a mix of the two.
4.The  makeup should simple and do nothing more than highlight your brows and bone structure. The point here is to always look classy in an understatedly sophisticated manner.
~ White Peplum with Lace, Top – BAMBOO BLONDE
~ Black dotted Skirt – ZARA
~ Lace off white Belt – FOREVER NEW
~ Snakeskin Print Clutch – ESBEDA
~Pearl Necklace and Bracelets – FOREVER NEW
~ Holographic Silver Pumps – H & M
Keep your accessories in neutrals or shades of black, white, grey or silver tones .
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