Aztec with a Fashion Turban – Tribal & Arabian Blend!

   I am quite excited about today’s outfit post, I couldn’t wait to style my favourite shopping finds from my holiday: Today’s Look is an interesting blend of Tribal and Middle Eastern culture. I wore an Aztec Print Dress (Mexican tribal influence) and paired it with the uber chic accessory the Fashion Turban (Middle Eastern influence) – an Embellished Royal Blue and wore a Peach Sheer Jacket over the dress. My Neckpiece and Earrings also had a Tribal influence.: Metallic with geometric shapes, in the form of varied triangles. I wore two solid colour Leather studded Cuffs Bracelets, matching the dress colour tones, to complete the look.


   I love the bold colours and pattern play of this Aztec Print Dress I’m wearing. The Aztec style originates from Mexico and was influenced by a long history of tribes. It made its debut on the modern runway way back in 2009 at the Matthew Williamson spring/summer show. In the fashion world, Aztec prints have become the style du jour among the trendy and hip. Known for their daring colour combinations with black outlines, bold geometrical shapes like triangles and circles, lots of strong colours and a mix of patterns and lines. These fearless prints have become a dominant theme in fashion runways all around the world.


Styling Tips for the Aztec Trend:
  When wearing a tribal print, your look is instantly trendy. These fashion-forward pieces give you street-style flair with a cultured edge. This look stirs up dreams of far-off lands and ancient civilizations. Incorporating a few statement patterns will add a new dimension to your fashion sense.
1.If you aren’t sure how to incorporate it into your wardrobe, think Classic. Balance Aztec prints with simple silhouettes and clean lines. Opt for classic shapes and styles like shifts or mini dresses, totes and flats. You can also pair the vivid prints with neutrals like black and white.
2.Aztec prints look brilliant with faux fur, leather and suede, which give body and balance to this heavy print.
3.The print itself is catchy enough, so keep the accessories muted and to the minimal to avoid looking tacky. When adding accessories, look for a subtle colour in the print and bring in out in your earrings or necklace. It will instantly add a pop of colour to your outfit.
4.Combine this trend with solid colours, that can anchor the look.

   I wore a solid colour Fashion Turban in Royal Blue, embellished with a centre brooch with crystals and a pearl.
Turban chic may very well be the summer accessory trend that brings me the most joy. The turban trend has been making a huge comeback in the world of fashion. Turbans have been around for centuries, first as a symbol of religion but more recently as a fashion statement. Recently, this trend has reinvented itself and made a major come back. They have become the ultimate quirky, but elegant accessory.
   Remember how sophisticated and glamorous Sophia Loren and Lana Turner looked when they graced the silver screens in their elegant turbans?   This time around it was Carrie in SATC2 and Salma Hayek made turban born once again.These days women again are looking to the turban as a bold fashion statement. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kourtney Kardashian, Beyonce and Eva Mendez have been seen sporting turbans both on the red carpet and as casual street wear.


 Styling Tips for Turbans


1.Hair: Loose curls provide balance for the top-heavy head wrapper and ascertain a symmetry of sorts.


2.Make-Up: If you choose a high-colour, high-sheen turban, which undoubtedly captures attention, your make-up musts are smouldering, smoky eyes and flawless skin. A tangerine blush with a slight shimmer on the cheekbones and a nude lip will complete this look.


3.Accessories: A sparkly brooch or a feathery addition to the centre of your turban works brilliantly on satin or silk. Always avoid bulk at the neck, whether with scarves, collars, or excessive jewellery.




  My Accessories complemented the Tribal Trend of the dress ,with geometric shapes of varied triangles. The Neckpiece  is metallic gold with orange inverted triangles and the earrings are white and orange .
  The Leather studded Cuff Bracelets I wore were in Solid Colours of Green and Pink with metallic gold, matching two tones of the Aztec Print of the dress.
~ Aztec Print Dress – H&M
~ Sheer Peach Jacket – MANGO
~ Royal Blue Embellished Turban – TOPSHOP
~ Metallic Neckpiece and Earrings – DIVA
~ Green & Pink Leather Pyramid Cuff Bracelets  HERMES
~ Orange Lace Peep Toes (old) – ALDO
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