Florals and stripes – Fun Print Mixing !

   Mixing patterns and prints is so refreshing, chic and fun. I
have a great passion for prints and love the print mixing trend. I decided to wear my favourite print combination: Stripes and Floral. They are my
go-to when it comes to mixing.
I think many of you can agree with me when I say, that stripes are a classic staple in most fashionista’s closets. They can easily be combined with so many different patterns and look especially gorgeous when paired with a summery floral. I love this look simply because it’s such an effortless way to make a chic statement.
   For today’s look I decided to pair this Striped Blazer in White with Pink Vertical Stripes and greyish blue trimmings with a pretty Floral Mini Skirt in white, pink and blue. I anchored the look with a solid Yellow colour shirt. I carried a pretty Pink Bow Bag ,wore my White Ankle Strap Peep Toes, donned by Blue Mirrored Sunnies and accessorised with a Stone Statement Neckpiece again in shades of Blue and Pink. So basically, even tough I mixed different prints, I tried to keep to the primary colours of white, pink and blue, balancing the whole ensemble.
Keeping your springtime florals fresh by combining them with simple stripes can be as delicious and indulgent as topping fruit pie with ice cream.
 Stripes and Florals - Mixing Prints

Styling Tips for Mixing Florals and Stripes
This particular style can be a good ‘beginner’ outfit for those who are dipping their toes into the print mixing game.
  • Anchoring some of the same colours in both items also helps. The one thing I always keep in mind when mixing prints is to have at least one primary colour on both prints. Like here it was white,blue and pink.
  • Try incorporating several patterns, but separate them with solids, like I did with the solid colour, yellow shirt.
  • Keep the accessories minimal.The mixed prints should be the eye’s main focus. For my look,the main accessory was the pink handbag. and the blue and pink neckpiece. It adds a pop of colour to the look but does not overwhelm the eye.
When done right, the look’s both adorably kitschy and polished.
I carried this solid colour Pink Bag with Bow detailing and these White Ankle Strap Peep Toe Heels.
I Accessorised with this Stunning Stone Statement Neckpiece in shades of blue and pink, matching with the primary shades of the two prints.
  • Striped Blazer in White with Pink Vertical Stripes and greyish blue trimmings – ZARA
  • Floral Mini Skirt in white, pink and blue – FOREVER 21
  • Yellow colour shirt – AMERCIAN EAGLE
  • Pink Bow Bag – BANGKOK
  • White Ankle Strap Peep Toes – BERSHKA
  • Stone Statement Neckpiece in shades of Blue and Pink
  • Blue Mirrored Sunnies – RAY-BAN
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