Happy Easter Activity with JollyChic

     Hey lovelies, I have a lovely news for you, one of my most favourite online stores, JollyChic has an awesome promotion activities for Easter that you might find interesting! I know it’s a little while till Easter, but who says you can’t get stock up on some chic goodies just in time !
Jollychic has started their own Easter activities on from March 20-April 20 and Are you ready to participate in it and try your luck at winning some fabulous merchandise ???
Easter Promotion on JollyChic

Some on the Easter Promotions on JollyChic are:

1. They have up to 60% off on Easter Picks which you can check here
JollyChic Easter Promotion


2. There is an awesome ‘Egg-knocking game’ with prizes and more, where you can win 5$, 10$ or 50$ coupons! Three shots every day for every registered customer to win. You can join in with two easy steps!
1. Register yourself as a member at JollyChic
2. Go here and press on any egg you would like to crack and you will stand a chance to win 5, 10, or even 50$ cash coupon! You can check it out here !
3.There is also a great selection of Easter gifts with discounts up to 40%.
JollyChic Easter Promotion

Hope you find something fabulous for yourself and good luck with egg-knocking game! Join their Easter Activity here. It will last until 20th April so have fun 🙂

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