Closeup Diamond Attraction – Review !

Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste


  ‘A Fabulous Smile is the Prettiest Thing You’ll ever wear.’     Let’s face it quest for the perfect smile we all have tried several tricks like twice a day brushing, flossing, home remedies and lots more to get shiny white teeth like the oh so perfect ones we see in those television commercials. Most people’s heroes today are film stars and pop stars and these groups of people always seem to have it together especially orally. The only problem is that getting your teeth whitening professionally like the stars is likely to cost you an ‘arm and a leg’, also regular visits to the dentist are quite the task to fit into our busy lifestyles, so an instant whitening toothpaste that actually delivers visibly white teeth instantly, is definitely a real boon.
   We all know the value of flaunting a dazzling white smile in our selfies and pictures and I’m a big fan of putting my best selfie ready smile out there. So I was thrilled to hear about and try out the new Closeup Diamond Attraction – a revolutionary toothpaste co-created for the first time with cosmetic dentists and has a patented blue light technology which works instantly to make teeth whiter.

   The blue light technology means that with just one brush, the blue film coats teeth and creates an optical effect that makes teeth appear whiter, instantly. Perfect for on-the-go
touch-ups, extra head-turning in a night-club or being photo-ready any time anywhere. Diamond Attraction also contains silica, which removes stains and progressively whitens teeth with continued usage. It transcends from oral care into the beauty space, and leverages on the growing trend of involvement in the beauty segment.

The Pricing of the Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste:
It is competitively priced at:
for 100 gm
for 50 gm
 My Experience with the Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste
   I have been using the Closeup Diamond Attraction toothpaste for almost three weeks now and right from the first brush I noticed a visible whiteness in my teeth.
    I absolutely love the idea of instant whiteness, just brush your teeth for a minute, and you can see visible difference in your teeth, being much whiter.
  With regular usage I have noticed a more visible whitening and brightening of my teeth over time and I love the fresh taste of it too.
    I use it twice a day, in the morning & at night. When you brush with it, you see the blue foam in action, after brushing the blue is gone and your teeth are instantly whiter.
     Regular usage of this toothpaste has instilled a greater confidence in me to flash my pearly whites for pictures and at events and has become a regular part of my beauty regime.
Being a coffee addict, it has really helped me get rid of the coffee stains and keep my teeth nice and white.
    I love the convenience of whitening my teeth right in my own bathroom, with no stress of any alternative whitening remedies or any painful teeth bleaching procedures.
   There are several whitening toothpastes in India that promise teeth whitening with regular usage, but this is the first toothpaste in India that actually gives you instant results from the first brush. It also gives progressively whiter teeth with continued use.
Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste


My Rating: It gets a total 5/5 from me for the fantastic results it has shown on my teeth, with instant brightening from the first brush and significant whitening over a few weeks’ time. I find it total value for money, with convenience of attaining bright white teeth at right at home.
  If you are someone who has stained their teeth due to wine, tea, coffee, etc or in general do not have whiter teeth, you should definitely give this toothpaste a try. Closeup Diamond Attraction is all you need to get an instantly white smile, anywhere and anytime. So now get the perfect smile immediately with Closeup Diamond Attraction, whether you need to make a lasting impression at a party, at work or anywhere for that matter, it adds to your beauty quotient.
  It really does give you a dazzling smile which compliments your entire look whatever your style may be. So now don’t just smile…dazzle away!  Closeup’s new brand new offering will surely make you want to smile again and again!
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