Brandiktiv India Launch – Fashion’s New Destination

Brandiktiv India - Fashion's New Destination 

   There’s been a host of names popping up in online fashion. From websites that give you style advice to online shopping destinations that make the postman your best friend, there’s barely a way to stay ahead of the game.
Combining the likes of a Fashion Community, online shopping portal and even a place to find all your fashion gossip, Brandiktiv India is here to make that online experience a piece of pie. With its launch today there has been a buzz about the site’s step into the fashion world.
     In love with fashion, conversation and more. Brandiktiv gives you the option to ask for style advice on the website by simply clicking a selfie and uploading it. In case you’re in the mood to shed some style advice, you can create a collection and answer the community questions. For those who simply like expressing their taste in style, Brandiktiv gives you an avenue to create stylish collections. You could have your collection featured from time to time. Nothing goes unrewarded though. Every style advice you create helps you earn some ‘Fashion Karma’, a concept that really intrigued me.
Fashion Karma‘ makes the experience on this site as good as cracking candy on Candy Crush. With an increase in your fashion karma you get bumped up the fashion ladder to a new level. Each additional level offers you a space in the spotlight, perks and… well, let’s not spoil the surprise.   Your closet is not just limited to the tiny space in your room anymore. Brandiktiv introduces you to having your own virtual closet online. It features all the curations you like and would wish to make your own. There’s no need to hint at what you want for your birthday now, just redirect your friends to your Brandiktiv Closet.

That’s still not enough (Nothing is ever enough for us girls) Brandiktiv also keeps you up-to-date with the latest in fashion gossip, beauty tips and even new products in the spotlight. If you’re just in the mood to shop, you can choose from a host of handpicked, trendy products.

I’m floored, it’s time to see if you are! Check out Brandiktiv as it launches today and let me know what you think of it!

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