Ban The Tan with Spinz !

   All of us have wished it at some time or the other to magically get rid of that annoying tan, we must have tried a hundred home remedies and spent on expensive parlor visits to get rid of that tan, but in vain.
I’m recently got back from a holiday from the sunny shores of Thailand and as much as I enjoyed my fun in the sun and my endless holiday tanning sessions..being back home,I was not too happy with the uneven tan I was sporting and I had this grand fashion show to attend immediately and I too magically wished to be back to my fairer,more even tone skin for the occasion.
Fortunately my best friend recommended this new product – The Spinz Sun-Tan Remover, she had used it recently and she told me it helped achieve a de-tanned radiant look in just 5 minutes.
I’m so intrigued that I had to try it out for myself, right away & it saved me time of running to a parlor at the eleventh hour.

Spinz Sun- Tan Remover

   So I shot this informative video on how the Spinz Sun-Tan Remover helped me de-tan and get a more radiant look for my grand fashion show. Watch the video here:


Video Shot & Edited By: Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha

Instructions for Cream usage:

  • Take about 9gm of the Cream in your hand enough for 2 finger lengths.
  • Apply the cream on wet skin generously on the face, voiding sensitive areas like the eye contours.
  • Massage gently in slow circular motions and leave on the skin for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

I’m was so thrilled that, the Spinz Sun-Tan remover actually worked, it really did de-tan my skin & restored my fairness, making me feel so radiant. You can watch the Spinz Sun-Tan Remover advertisement here
After trying unsuccessfully for days on end to get rid of my holiday tan, I can’t get over the fact that the Spinz Sun-Tan Remover actually worked in 5 minutes and left my skin visibly fairer and more radiant.

 It so quick & effective & I can get rid of my tan in the comfort of my own home, without any time consuming & expensive parlor visits
I loved it’s key ingredients are milk, lemon & honey. I also loved the fact that on the tube it mentioned ‘No Bleach’, so it felt safer to use and it was like my own home facial.   I don’t know how I would have covered up my uneven holiday tan for my grand fashion show if it wasn’t for this revolutionary cream– It was really Spinz Sun-Tan Remover to the rescue for me. It’s surely going to be my post beach vacay de-tan go to product.So after finally getting rid of my tan successfully I was all ready for my grand fashion show in this scarlet red crop top paired with a flare midi-skirt in black with red roses. I accessorised the look with a silver statement necklace,my gold Michael Kors watch, a gold cuff bracelet. I carried my crystal studded box clutch and wore my silver glitter peep toe heels. I finished off the look with some winged eyeliner and bold red lips

I’m was off for my grand fashion show..Radiant, Glowing & Super Happy, thanks to my 5 minute de-tanning magic potion – Spinz Sun Tan Remover. Ever need to get rid of tan in a jiffy, now you know how! #SpinzBanTheTan

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