What the FRIVIL ? – Review of India’s New Dating App !

Frivil - The India's Dating App
   What the FRIVIL ? I guess you must be wondering what’s this FRIVIL is all about. Well this is a really fun new dating app that seeks to put some real punch in the whole dating arena in India.

   In today’s fast paced & technology obsessed world people seek everything at a touch of their smartphones, from shopping,fashion advice to even finding the perfect dates online.
FRIVIL is the newest dating app in town and helps make your dating life so much more fun and easier.
I personally have never used a dating app, but I got an opportunity to review a dating app and so I decided to check it out for fun and see what all this brouhaha was about.
This dating app – FRIVIL is currently in the invite only stage.It is an app that integrates with your Facebook (privately and does not post on your behalf).Frivil - The India's Dating App
It is a popularity app that shows you 2 good looking people, and you get the choice of tapping the one you find more attractive.   Frivil finds you matches on the basis of your popularity everyday. While you do this, your profile goes through FRIVIL face offs, getting tapped (or not). The more you get tapped on, more popular you are.FRIVIL uses your popularity to find you matches. Every evening at 9 PM, FRIVIL works out every FRIVlLers popularity and location. People in the same league show up in your inbox as your matches for the day.

IOS users: Download The App here

Android Users : Download the App here

Also, as of now the app is invite only, you can use the code “FeistyFox” to download it.

  So basically, you get to choose between images of 2 people of the opposite sex. Similarly your profile picture, shows up to the people of the opposite gender. Depending upon how many people tap on your picture compared to the other picture that shows up next to yours, you are awarded ranks that change immediately to reflect how popular you are on the app. So the point being the more attractive your profile picture is, the more it boosts your chances of you ranking higher.   So for FRIVL’ers the first most important thing is to put their best foot forward by uploading their most attractive profile picture on the app.Frivil - The India's Dating App

  Once your profile picture is uploaded, put an interesting one liner about yourself in the caption and then get set to start FRIVIL’ing and check your popularity on the app. The ranks within the app are based on your popularity and wins over others.
Frivil - The India's Dating App
  Tap on the profile picture you consider more attractive and it reveals the percentage wins of the two choices.
Frivil - The India's Dating App
  The matches you get at the end of the day at 9pm are in accordance to your rank. Your match/date arrives everyday at 9pm based on your popularity and corresponding popularity matches of the date. There’s a personal inbox that you have where you have the option to chat with the people in your league if you like and there’s an option to block them too. FRIVIL also puts great emphasis the fact that, the quality of people that show up on the app are filtered/screened.
My verdict on FRIVIL – The Dating App

I’m sure that this fun new dating app will resonate well with the country’s youth. In the age of mastering the perfect selfies, I’m sure that most people seek validation on their profile pictures especially by the opposite sex, and the popularity ranking through the app helps raise their self-esteem & makes it easier to score better in the dating game.
The app has a very user friendly interface and because it is integrated with Facebook, all members have a Facebook profile, so it is easy to go and find them and give them a more detailed look.

  The only glitch is that since the app is new and is only invitation based, the people here are exclusive & limited and sometimes you don’t see new options and you get notified to check out the FRIVIL’ers in a while. I am pretty sure that as and when FRIVIL app becomes accessible at large this issue won’t persist.  So all you single people out there download the FRIVIL App now by using the Code ‘FeistyFox and get set to score some exciting dates and enjoy this fun new dating App.

Download Links for IOS here and Android here Code: FeistyFox
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