Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend !

TBZ Diamond cuff bracelet, floral cocktail ring
Diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend and when you seek to indulge in such luxury you need to make sure you get yourself nothing but the best and what better than exploring some unique designs from one of India’s most trusted jewellery retailers, with a legacy of more than 150 years – TBZ: The Original.
  TBZ : The Original, one of the country’s foremost names in jewellery and luxury, recently celebrated the opening of their 29th store in Mumbai at 36 Turner road, Bandra (west)
 This new space in Bandra further enhances their profile as a jewellery retail chain that is profoundly dedicated to superior quality, design and service. I had the chance to visit their new Bandra store and was completely enthralled by the sheer grandeur of the store, with a modern, luxurious ambiance yet reflecting on the labels age old  values of understated elegance and refined taste.   From the moment you enter the store you are  encompassed with glamour blended with a sense of warmth. The collections on display are an amalgamation of innovative and super stylish pieces comprising of broad cuffs, cocktail rings, chandelier earrings, neckpieces, chokers as well as a selection of antique gold & temple jewellery. The exquisite collection has a blend of both the modern, hi glam and super stylish pieces as well as the more traditional jewellery and the versatility in design makes sure that this flagship stores caters to the varied as well as discerning tastes of Mumbai’s versatile audience.
   As I glanced though TBZ’s exquisite collections quite a few of their stunning fresh designs caught my fancy. First to catch my fancy was this gorgeous intricately designed diamond choker necklace , that perfectly complemented my off-shoulder purple cocktail lace dress. This diamond choker is such a statement piece, it really uplifts the look my simple lace dress and is so perfect for a cocktail dress or an elaborate gown too. I tried on the matching diamond earrings which were more delicate and dainty and perfectly offsets the opulence of the diamond choker. This diamond choker and matching earring set is the perfect statement jewellery to add a generous dose of sparkle to an elegant western outfit.
TBZ Diamond Choker Necklace
Next I completely fell in love with this beautifully crafted cuff bracelet in dual tones of both yellow & white gold with diamonds in a pretty floral design, this cuff bracelet is so versatile and I could carry it off with both a dress for a night out or even a grand cocktail/ wedding party. This pretty floral cocktail ring also is great statement piece to own.
TBZ Diamond Choker Necklace, Diamond earrings, Cuff Bracelet,Cocktail Ring
TBZ floral cocktail ring , diamond earrings
The TBZ Store, Bandra also had some really unique and innovative designs like this floral diamond ring that interestingly fits all four fingers and wraps around so beautifully. This floral ring is so pretty, as well as edgy in it’s design. It is something I would love to flaunt on all occasions – like a special day time brunch, a work event or a fancy night out.
TBZ Diamond Knuckle Ring 1
TBZ Diamond Knuckle Ring 2
TBZ Diamond Knuckle Ring 3
Lastly and easily one of my personal favourites was this edgy diamond floral palm cuff bracelet. The design is so quirky at the same time so elegant. This trend is a current range among celebrities the world over and this particular TBZ piece is a must-have for the discerning jewellery buff.
 TBZ Diamond Palm Cuff 1
TBZ Diamond Palm Cuff
  Photo Credits: Aditya Mistry

I was so enthralled by the exquisite designs at the TBZ: The Original Bandra Store and was totally spoilt for choice. What I loved most was the versatility in designs, there is something for everyone: whether you are on the look out to shop jewellery for an upcoming wedding function, or your birthday party, a cocktail party, special night out, you are sure to find jewellery to complement both your Indian and western ensembles. I love the blend of the modern innovative pieces with the traditional pieces.
If you’re looking at getting yourself some exquisite pieces, you’re sure to find some real treasures at the spectacular new TBZ: The Original store in Bandra.

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