Pond’s Insiders NYC Event !

Pond's Insiders NYC

 Last December I had the most wonderful opportunity of visiting New York City for the Pond’s Insiders  NYC Event, representing India for the Pond’s Global initiative. I was so privileged to be chosen to be a part of the iconic brand’s Pond’s brand team.

After being chosen as one of the Pond’s Insiders, we all met in New York, the birthplace of  Pond’s, for an immersion on the brand – its philosophy, heritage, and science. We had the chance to visit Unilever’s R&D center where we learned about the beauty behind the science of  Pond’s from The Pond’s Institute scientists.

The Pond’s Insiders are basically an international group of 13 highly influential beauty and fashion bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers from around the globe- India, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam. Equipped with their experience & knowledge in the field of beauty and skincare in their respective countries, they are meant to provide insights to Pond’s on skincare needs from women around the world, and The Pond’s Institute equips The Pond’s Insiders with valuable information to help their followers understand their skin in depth.

Brand Immersion Session

As part of the brand immersion we learnt about Pond’s heritage, the brand has such a rich heritage, with Pond’s founded in 1846 in New York by Theron T. Pond and has since then stood at the forefront of science and innovation in skincare globally. It is commendable to note that with more than 170 years of history it is the oldest face care brand that still exists today.
We also learnt about the core philosophy of the brand, it’s history – the product developments & innovations over the years, the creation of the iconic Tulip logo for the brand to epitomize delicate feminine beauty in the 1960’s, pioneering the evolution of skincare to a more sophisticated era with the creation of The Pond’s Institute, the brand with 170 years of history, 700 scientists & specialists, 200 patents and counting.
The whole brand immersion session was so informative and enriching and equipped us with a better understanding of Pond’s rich history & heritage and what it really stands for as a brand, leading breakthroughs and innovations over the years to provide the very best skincare products to the world.

Visit to the Unilever R&D Center & The Pond’s Institute 

One of the major highlights of my trip was the visit to the Unilever R&D Center in Connecticut where we got an introduction to the beauty behind skincare science. We learnt so many interesting facts about the science behind the legendary brand and all the major skincare science breakthroughs from Pond’s.

We actually got a chance to interact with the scientists at The Pond’s Institute and learn first hand about interesting things like their how they go about their new technology developments, testing methods, skincare research, global breakthroughs & innovations. We also learnt how Pond’s Cold Cream is made and we even visited their manufacturing unit.


Interesting Facts we learnt about The Pond’s Institute:Their Mission
    ”The Pond’s Institute was born to bring together years of skincare science and first-to-market innovative product formulas under one roof. Through a global network of scientists, the mandate was and still is to bring the best scientific knowledge to the aid of modern day’s skincare problems.
The Pond’s Institute, a global network of 700 scientists, creates leading skincare innovations and clinically proven products that strengthen the skin from deep inside to make it look softer and smoother on the outside.
 With a goal of providing best-in-class solutions to women’s everyday skin needs and concerns, scientists at The Pond’s Institute work every single day to create science and technology breakthroughs that correct the skin problems of tomorrow better than anyone else.”

The Pond’s Institute continues to be a pioneer in skincare by:

• Analyzing the evolving needs of different skin types around the world

• Uncovering insights on how these skin factors influence people’s perceptions

• Designing molecules clinically proven to deliver superior skin results

 Skin science breakthroughs from The Pond’s Institute:
The Pond’s Institute was the first to launch Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) in clinically proven Anti-Aging products and was also the first to discover the active anti-aging ingredient – Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA).
 My Experience At The Pond’s Institute
It was so interesting and enriching interacting with the scientists at The Pond’s Institute, we got an overview of key timelines of  key discover actives that were incorporated into key Pond’s face care launches over the years.
We also learnt about the development of the cult classic product – the Pond’s Cold Cream – and how the product is made in the labs. The lab team actually showed us a demo of  the process of  how the cold cream is made.

Further we also visited the factory site where the cold cream is processed and manufactured.

   We also got an introduction into Clinical Science Capability, how the team use the Vectra, Antara, and Moisture Map instruments to test products with consumers.

We also got to do a cream testing on ourselves with two creams with different textures and feels and we had to test them on different variables like which one felt more draggy, silkier, sticky, thicker etc. This exercise enabled us get an idea how these different variables impact how the products look, feel and smell and how those insights are used by their product developers to guide their product development.

Pond's Insiders NYC

Pond's Insiders NYC

YouTube Masterclass and YouTube/Google Tour

    Another highlight of our trip was the visit to the Google building and You Tube Space, New York at Chelsea Market. We got a full tour of the Google building and that was such an exciting experience.

Pond's Insiders NYC

Pond's Insiders NYC

   We also got to attend a YouTube Masterclass, to learn tips on how to be a successful Youtuber and better our content. We also got a full tour of the You Tube Space, NY where we saw their different studios and sets too.
Pond's Insiders NYC

Pond's Insiders NYC

Pond's Insiders NYC

Pond's Insiders NYC
Pond's Insiders NYC

Pond's Insiders NYC

   We also got a chance to socialize, let loose and get to know the fellow Pond’s Insiders better over delectable dinners & wine at the super posh spots in New York at The Mark and Stanton Social.

Pond's Insiders NYC Social
Pond's Insiders NYC


  The Pond’s Insiders trip to New York has been one of the major highlights of my blogging career and I took away some really special memories.
It was such a delight meeting, interacting and learning from my fellow Pond’s Insiders – such wonderful, intelligent and empowered ladies from all over the world, the wonderful Pond’s team, the dedicated and gifted scientists at The Pond’s Institute and the Google team. I’m really grateful to the Pond’s team for their warm hospitality and for the most amazing experience ever.
I have walked away from this trip empowered with a wealth of knowledge and learnings, about the science behind skincare, what Pond’s stands for as a brand to constantly be a leader in skincare innovations and provide the very best solutions to our skin issues and look forward to sharing my insights with my wonderful followers in India and help them understand their skin in depth.

Watch the video of The Pond’s Insiders NYC Trip below:

    You can keep updated with Pond’s new innovations and products on their Website,Facebook,Youtube & Instagram.
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