Rendezvous with Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron!

Modern Vintage Sho by Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron

  When was the last time, you donned a really head-turning hairdo, without a parlour visit? Rarely or perhaps never? ..because we as Indian women predominately still depend on salons and hair stylists for our glamorous hair-dos, blow outs and styling. Personally, I do use  a few styling products for my hair but rarely experiment with different hair styles. Hair styling in India has still not reached its full potential. Styling products are used mainly by stylists at salons and less frequently used at home.

Wella Professionals, one of the leading hair and beauty brands strives to bridge this gap by providing the consumers and stylists with premium quality products making the art of hairstyling much more  convenient.

Recently I got a chance to interact with Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron, a world renowned name in the  hairstyling  industry, also acknowledged as the long hair expert. We learnt lots of interesting facts about hair styling, current trends and looks.

The brand recently brought down Patrick Cameron to educate 1800 hair stylists across three cities in India through some spectacular shows , where he exposed them to the to new innovations, various possibilities of hairstyling through his association with Wella. His objective is also that hairstyling should not be confined only to salons but reach homes too. He believes that hairstyling is an expression of individuality and thus cannot take a back seat.

Modern Vintage show by Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Patrick CameronModern Vintage show by Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron

 As a global ambassador for Wella Patrick has spent the last 25 years travelling the world sharing and presenting his show stopping hair styles. His most recent appearance was at the renowned Cannes Festival where he worked on a special premier from the movie Trolls starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick.
The personal session, we bloggers had with with the expert of long hair was truly engaging and interesting and apart from his expertise, he kept us hooked with his humor and charm.
Blogger session with Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Patrick CameronPatrick’s passion and creativity for his craft was pretty evident and he gave us some insightful tips for us Indian women to play around with our long hair, without having to visit a stylist every time. Patrick mentioned that he is always happy to be in India and he loves how Indian women carry their long hair so gracefully and beautifully. He is a total genius with hair, he looked at few of the bloggers and predicted their personality with the way they carry their hair! He complimented my hair saying they look well styled and glamorous and how I like my hair perfectly in place always. He also explained how if the lower half of the hair is dry, light passes through the hair and they appear dull and rough. And when they are healthy and moisturized, light bounces off the hair and it gives them a shiny appearance.
Blogger Session with Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron

Here are some of the tips that he shared during the session:

  • For India’s terribly humid weather, hair rituals and treatments like hair spas must be taken regularly.
  • Indians love oiling the hair, so go ahead and oil your hair. He further recommended limiting hair oiling to once a week. Apart from oiling,you can also use oils/serums/elixirs in between the days when you haven’t oiled.
  • Keep the shampoo a little longer in your hair for it to work more effectively and for the ingredients to penetrate. Don’t wash it off immediately.
  • Always use a conditioner/hair mask, that is what will keep the ends/lower half hydrated and shiny.
  • One can use a dry shampoo to add some volume/texture to the hair.
  • Too much of brushing is bad for hair as it damages the hair.
  • Never brush curly hair, only tangle-free them or roll with fingers, scrunch and leave them. You can use a wide-toothed comb to free the tangles.
  •  Combing wet hair never causes split ends, damage or breakage. Just start with combing the bottom ends first and then move upwards.Combing dry hair is a disaster and damages the hair.
  • Make hairspray your best friend. It helps in styling your hair and keeps it in place. He also added that one should cover the sprayed portion with the hand as the heat from the hand will help control the frizz.
Blogger Session with Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron
During this visit to India, Patrick Cameron showcased his Modern Vintage collection with state of the art styling products from the Wella Professionals portfolio. Modern vintage takes its inspiration from the 1960’s because this era has an enduring influence in fashion, in the balance and the proportions of the way hair is dressed. This legacy is seen across the board from international catwalks to red carpets as well as editorial work.

His collection is aptly called Modern Vintage which showcased models styled in gorgeous lehengas and anarkalis with glamorous bouffants, side twists, vintage curls and primarily big hair.

Wella Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron had devised the collection to showcase step-by-step looks and demonstrations to the hairdressers that struggle with styling long hair. These
hair shows were held across three major cities in India – Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore where there was a live demonstration of these looks. He showed stylists how they can incorporate modern trends even for an ethnic event like a marriage, engagement etc.
Excited on his visit to India, Patrick said, “I have been associated with Wella Professionals for a long time now and I am extremely happy to showcase the modern vintage collection in India. It’s amazing to see women who beautifully carry long hair as they do in India. It is an absolute pleasure to be in a space where there is so much scope for experimentation. With the enthusiasm of all the stylists present India and an array of wonderful Wella Professionals products I see a bright future for India’s hair styling segment”
It was one of the most inspiring and captivating event of the year so far for it provided an opportunity to the stylists and hair dressers across the country to watch this hair magician at work.
Mumbai bloggers with Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron

A Rendezvous with Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron!

The blogger session with Patrick was a great experience and we learnt so many interesting hairstyling tips from the maestro himself.
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