You Go Girl with the new Whisper Ultra Soft !

New Whisper Ultra Soft,sanitary napkinsFor the girl on the go like me with constantly hectic schedules packed with shoots, events and meetings, I can’t afford to let anything stop me from getting my work done efficiently. But like every other girl probably the most cumbersome time of the month is during her periods! Even though I am blessed to that I have never had those really painful periods, the other factors associated with periods like staining,discomfort etc that can make you uncomfortable at times.

For us women to realize our dreams we need to be we need to be unstoppable and realize our full potential. This is possible only when we feel comfortable in our skin.Feeling at ease and in control of myself and my environment makes me feel unstoppable.We women want to be & feel comfortable not just on regular days but also during our dreaded periods. A major factor in providing us comfort during our periods is choosing the the best sanitary solutions. With regard to sanitary napkins, Whisper, the country’s leading feminine care brand, has always been my go to brand, so I was delighted to try out the brand’s latest offering the ‘New Whisper Ultra Soft’ that provides the superior ‘comfort’ a girl deserves during those five days.

 The New Whisper Ultra Soft  2X softer that feels extra gentle to skin, has special soft pores that drive liquid to the core where it is locked,has longer length with wider back for long lasting performance and contains fresh odor free pearls.


My Review:

Having used the new Ultra Soft for a while now, I can vouch for the fact that the new Whisper Ultra Soft is really so soft and comfortable,like you’re not wearing anything at all, the fresh floral scent gets rid of any odor,these sanitary napkins will save you any embarrassing situations of leakage & stains and the feeling of dryness through-out the day is certainly a game changer for me!

I must say that it absorbs everything and leaves the top layer completely dry. I was so glad this new Whisper Ultra Soft didn’t give me any rashes or itchiness too. So it is great for sensitive skin like mine. These are also very thin and almost half the size in width compared to their previous one. I have to say, Whisper Ultra Soft are the most comfortable pads I have used till now.

I carried the new Whisper Ultra Soft with me in my bag whole of last week during my periods and used them throughout,with a pretty packed schedule, which required me to be be out from 11 am to 7 at pm. I must say I didn’t feel uncomfortable at any moment, thanks to the new Whisper.New Whisper Ultra Soft,sanitary napkins

Also thanks to the new Whisper Ultra Soft I could confidently wear my new white pants all day, without fear of any stains.New Whisper Ultra Soft,sanitary napkins,off shoulder top, white pantsNew Whisper Ultra Soft,sanitary napkins, off-shoulder top, white jeans, summer dressing 2017New Whisper Ultra Soft,sanitary napkins,off shoulder top, white pants

Also owing to how soft and comfortable they make me feel, I didn’t have to skip out on my gym routine. With the superior comfort of the new Whisper Ultra Soft I am left with no excuses of not going to the gym during my periods. As the skin feels 2 times softer while absorbing wetness hour after hour it helps me feel relaxed and I don’t have keep checking for any spotting.New Whisper Ultra Soft,sanitary napkins, gym flat layNew Whisper Ultra Soft,sanitary napkins, plank, gym outfit women

Overall, I highly recommend the new Whisper Ultra Soft. The cottony soft feel and great absorbency make for a great napkin while keeping you comfortable all day. I can now enjoy shooting all day,going to the gym,sitting, sleeping and dancing in any way I want with much ease!


I also recently attended The Whisper Ultra Soft launch event was held on the International Women’s Day – a very apt day to celebrate a product that is meant for feminine hygiene and that aims to help women feel comfortable even during those five days so that they don’t have to put a break on their normal lives.WHISPER ULTRA SOFT MUMBAI LAUNCH , Sanitary NapkinsWHISPER ULTRA SOFT MUMBAI LAUNCH, Radhika Apte

At the event, Radhika Apte, Dr. Palshetkar ( gynecologist) and Edit Tilly (senior scientist at the P&G R&D center) spoke about the importance of being comfortable during those five days as well as the importance of good intimate hygiene. We women have to deal with back aches and stomach cramps anyway during our period, and our sanitary napkin shouldn’t add to the discomfort.

Dr. Nandita also spoke about menstrual hygiene and how it is very important. We should take care of basic things like washing the vagina properly, not using harsh soap and keeping it dry. Changing the pads regularly every 4-5 hours and cleaning the vagina and the surrounding area well.

We also saw a practical demonstration during the event where the new Whisper Ultra Soft and another pad was compared. Both had liquids poured onto them and on squeezing, the other pad leaked out all the liquid while nothing came out of the Whisper Ultra Soft, not even a drop. It takes in all the flow and converts it into a gel immediately.WHISPER ULTRA SOFT MUMBAI LAUNCH

It was indeed a lovely evening where I got to discover a revolutionary improvement in ways we can deal with our menstruation issues along with loads of fun with my fellow bloggers. You can have a look at all the action from the event in the video below.

Have you tried the new Whisper Ultra Soft yet?


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